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The beginning of a stapled fashion item


From the time of World War I, pocket watches were a popular accessory for men in that time. From trench watches to hunter-case pocket watches gave men an essence of elegance. Since that time watches have been a staple adornment in the men’s fashion and evolved through ages. From the looped chain that was attached to one’s waist or pocket, men now like their times on hand. With ultra masculine designs and mechanisms, men still love to wear watches. From hundreds and thousands of models to choose from, men’s watches became a necessary fashion item in the trend industry.


The elegance comes free


Every now and then, you may come across mega hoardings and billboards show-casing the finest quality of watches endorsed by some gorgeous male model or a mega celebrity. This is only to churn up that inner submerged desire to indulge into a watch that is actually going to compliment you. With the ever rising trend in men’s watches, it is becoming harder and harder to get the perfect watch that suits one persona better. With hundreds of dials on display, it is difficult to decide your ideal type. Even with the accurate measurement one must have that intricate sense of style and fashion.


The elegance that comes only from a wrist watch is unmatchable. Even with a simple shirt and tie and with an elegant wrist watch on hand, one can look as alluring as ever. This is a promise that comes free with every wrist watch you buy. The subtle yet gorgeous look of a wrist watch is sure to turn heads wherever you make an appearance. This perfect combination easily kicks starts the charisma of yours, with the right choice of the shape of dial and the right belt material.


The jeweled era of wrist watches for men


Men’s watches have gone as far as the time, with crocodile’s and snake’s skin for the belt and with diamond studded dials. Men have indulged into the luxury for many years. And the demands for new and improved designs on watches for men are always on the rise. Designers have spent a life time to create one of a kind watch for men. With complex designs and various forms of dials in one watch, wrist watches are becoming more of a collectible for many men, than the purpose and the use of it.


The expensive watches like, the watch with night sky on one side and complex dialson the other or the watch with 210-karat of square and crown cut diamonds for the belt stands at 1.1 million USD to 26 million USD have swoon men into the lustrous world of watches. ‘With money comes power’, we have known this piece of phrase for ages, but for few men, with money comes ‘time’ have been more accurate. With just a simple invention to assist people to get a better knowledge of the time, it has slipped into the passionate world of luxury and elegance.


With the need for time on hand, it is needless to say that the wrist watches are here to stay. And with a high demand to look dignified the new and improvised men’s watches are going to rock the world of fashion.

The popularity of men’s watches persists. Nothing beats a classic watch. It is one of the best accessories that can be worn every day. A watch tells so much about you. It is like a status symbol now. The type of watch you wear shows your personality. Watches make you look fashionable. They give practical assistant to any outfit. It has got all the potential to add glamour and style to the most casual looking outfit. Wristwatches not only look good, they feel good too. Watches help you to create a relationship with time.

People who tend to wear a watch have a positive attitude towards time. A wristwatch can be a loving gift to or from your significant other. With so many options available it can be confusing which one to buy and when to wear. Most men decide to wear a watch as Jewelry. A good watch is an item that will elevate your professional look. When everything fails a classic watch can fasten your overall look.

Watch is the only thing that is appropriate for all settings.  It is unique and it expresses your worth, value style and individuality. Most Men are fascinated by this device since it marks and controls time. Typically men’s watches fall in the 34mm-50mm range. A fine wristwatch can be used to demonstrate your taste and style.

Watches come in many different sizes, styles and material.

  • Style- the style of a watch is one of the most important features. There is numerous numbers of styles available in the market such as

1-Chorography watches: a chronographic watch includes both timekeeping and stop watch functions. It displays different counters for measuring time.

2-Luxury watches- as the name suggests, these watches are high end and are often worn to create an impression and impact and to make a statement.

3-Activity specific watches- are also men's watches that do so much more than just showing time, they can work like a timer, help to track lunar cycles, or to calculate speed.

4-sport watches- sport watches are created for sporting events such as diving, racing and dancing. These watches are mostly water resistant and are made of superior quality so that they can resist all form of sporting activities.

5-the everyday watch- a plain black/brown leather strap watch is ideal for almost any situation.


  • Material: there is a wide variety of choice when it comes to material such as plastic, silver, gold, titanium and canvas.
  • Size- somewhere around 34mm-40mm is considered ideal. Although this can go up to 60mm.
  • Movement:

1-mechanical- mechanical watches require winding in order to keep functioning.

2- Quartz –quartz watches don’t need winding, they require a battery to operate.


3-automatic- automatic watches are similar to mechanic watches. They use mechanical movement to power the watch.

There are numerous brands of men’s watches available such as Tag Heuer, Omega, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, DKNY, Armani, and many more.

Some high quality Indian premium brands are: titan, Casio, fossil, Timex, Fastrack, Citizen, and Diesel.

Speaking about accessory, the fashion industry has poured it all. They have combined elegance with spunk and created one of a kind accessory for all the fashion savvy people. Even with the eternal luster, gorgeous gems engraved accessories don’t even come close to watches. But long gone are those days where watches were once a means of necessity for men. Men now have indulged into luxurious watches, and why not, with thousands of design to choose from men have gone as far as spending a lifetime trying to collect watches.


The preferred look


In today’s world men's watches have a new meaning, they give a volume in men’s personality. When it comes to formal outfits, men are known to rock it with those great impeccable styles. But with the exotic quality of suits and tie in check, men still needs an exquisite formal watch to compliment his outfit further. Mega brands have introduced a different formal watch that goes well with men’s unique personality. All of us want to dress according to our personality. So, when it comes to watches, we tend to choose the right one that we think will reflect our personality further.


The formal watch count


Usually a classic formal watch is simple yet elegant with black leather straps and round gold rimmed dial. This is a must have watch for men, as it can be worn in any formal occasion with simple suits. Be it a wedding or inauguration, you can come across many men sporting a classic formal watch. Irrespective of the age, a simple watch like this can bring a lot of attention towards your way.


But a formal watch doesn’t have to be that simple. Men have tried it all, from numerous dials in one watch to high ranges straps made from snake skins. But still it failed to create a mark in the formal trend market. Designer have improvised and created few more simple yet elegant designs for formal wear. They replaced that same old black with muted brown belts and not so luminous silver rimmed white dials. This started the trend as ‘brown is the new black’ and many designers got inspired and gave a long line of classic men's watches to choose from. The muted tones of this watch goes exceptionally well with suits and other formal outfits.


Another formal watch that needs a mention in this list is a complete silver watch. From the dial to the interlinked chain straps everything is a monotone silver. This watch is a total spin-off on the classic black strap gold rimmed dial, and it needs to be in men’s wardrobe at all cost. The monotone hue of this watch can give a formal look and can also be worn in any occasion other than only formal business meetings.


But keeping it aside men's watches have variety of range but it is tough to choose the classic watch for all your formal occasions. This list is sure to help the ever confused men, when they go for watch shopping. With numerous designs launched every day men's watches are on the verge of its revolution.

A wristwatch represents so much more than what it is designed to do. Watches are now worn to make a statement. There are numerous styles of men's watches available that will go with different outfits and different occasions. It has become one of the most picked accessories when we talk about fashion. No wonder many men enjoy collecting different styles of watches. Watches are the perfect to complete a look. Watches now come in various sizes, styles and material. Round dial watches are the most common one which has been in market for years now. But now, all kinds of dial shapes are available such as rectangular, oval, square and many more. If you have plump wrist then you must prefer square dials over round ones.

Men’s watches fall in the 34-50 mm range. Although there are bigger ones to that go up to 60. Make sure you choose the right size according to your built; you don’t want to end up looking like you are wearing a big clock on your wrist.  Over sized watches and huge dials are not for everybody. People with narrow wrist will look bad with big dial watches. Big dials are for bold and strong personalities. Choose what is best for you. If you have a dark complexion don’t go for gold plated ones, it is going to look really bad on you. If you are of a medium tone, go for silver or a matt gold watch.

There are different kinds of men’s watches available in the market. And each one of them has a different characteristic and function to offer.  Watches are generally of two types- The leather/plastic band and the chain/metal bands.  Leather/plastic band watches are more on a casual side. You can wear them on a weekend or if you are planning to go out with your friends. Chain/ metal bands give a more formal approach; you can wear it to work or to an interview. Metals watches make you look unique and it expresses your worth. It also helps you to make an impact on others. Each watch gives off a different vibe. Weigh up the advantages of all the materials and textures when making a choice. You can either go for a matte finish or a shiny one. However shiny ones are hard to maintain. Greasy Fingerprints on the shiny surface looks bad. Expensive metals watches such as a gold/diamond watch is best suited for elegant occasions.

Also try taking the display under consideration. Digital displays are very easy and convenient to read but it does not look sophisticated at all. Analogue watch on the other hand looks very elegant. Take into account the extra features you can benefit from such as a built-in alarm, date display, stopwatch, and water resistance. Some of the men's watches are also equipped with compass, lunar movements, GPS, barometers and altimeters. A person who travels a lot can buy a clock which shows several time zones, including major international cities. Pay attention to all these factors before buying a watch.

In the diametrically ranged world of ladies watches, the multitudes and the hues of each and every watch stands out. In the raging world of fashion watch, many trends have come and gone few of the trends are here forever. The essence of style and voluminous personality that a watch can give is remarkable. With numerous designs launched every day, there are few certain styles of watches that make a statement where ever you go.


If you are a fashion buff, you may have come across different styles of watches that suit your personality well. There is always a place or two for ladies watches in the wardrobe. Designers are always inspired from something or the other. In the ancient time of travelers and nomads, gypsies were known to all. With their eccentric culture and wild range of taste, they have made a mark in today’s society. The gypsies used to have complex encryptions written all over. Their love feathers and natural things are something that makes them unique. The designers have often been inspired by them. Their unique features and one-of a kind fashion sense have made them a prime inspiration subject. After the clothing fashion the designers have laid their hand on the watches.


With bright colored design that reflects your pleasant personality, designers have launched new and improved ranged of gypsy inspired watches. With fringed leather straps as belts and diamond shaped dials with unique designs on the surface, these watches are ruling the fashion world.


In many other cases a wrap around belt is also love by the people. The eccentric designs come with the feather dangling from the watches and beaded accessory truly makes this watch a bold one. Ladies watches are known to be bold and ready to stop a show. But those extreme watches are now becoming one a priced possession which people would love to keep them safe. But not the gypsy watches, they are here to stay and be the best accessory for every day wear. Gypsy watches are a great wear for a beach party and other sublime occasions. They are sure to turn heads and be at the peak of your outfit. This watch is a very customizable watch and in the overview of it different companies are launching do-it-yourself kit for the crafts and fashion lovers all around. With interchangeable straps and intricate decoration the style is endless.


This watch is a very affordable and user friendly watch. If your outfit is as simple as a t-shirt and a pair of denim, this watch is sure to compliment your look further. In the world where making a statement is all about, ladies watches can surely do that. The luxury and elegance that comes with ladies watch is unmatchable. But not everybody can pull that off. The luxury of a watch is not affordable by everybody. But a casual gypsy watch is something you can sport without the worry of the expenses. In the fashion world, simple and salient look is more preferred. Thus, creating new and simple design is becoming one of the agendas for the designers.

Petite frame is considered to be feminine. It looks good too. However, when it comes to choosing the right watch for thin wrist, the matter might get challenging. The problem here is with the dial. Yes, you need explore the Ladies Watches section to find the watch that speaks to you. Don’t be disappointed if you have a thin wrist. Don’t fret that you cannot wear those unisex steel band watches, there are too many stylish watches which you can wear to awe the crowd. All you need to do is research and explore. From online shopping sites to the retail shops you will find amazing styles and designs to wow the on-lookers.


Anyone with small wrist knows the challenge of finding the right watch, bracelet or bangles. Everything looks out of size on that thin wrist. You either need to take the watch to fix the band to suit your wrist size or you would have to look for some other option. There are some particular brands which make watches for ultra thin wrists. However, not always brands come with right pocket pinch. This means not always the brands come with the price tag people consider affordable.


To make your wrist look good, you need to explore Ladies Watches that fit well. If you think that a steel band watch which moves around the wrist will be passed on as fashionable, you are mistaking. You need to find watch with strap that will sit well on your wrist. The watch either needs to have leather strap which you can wrap around your write properly, or the watch needs to have strap which can be adjusted. Usually watches which come with straps that can be turned smaller will be the right choice for smaller wrists. You can remove the length of the watch band by cutting it short or increasing numbers of holes.


When you have a thin wrist, your options for Ladies Watches reduce. You need to stick to a certain type of watch. It does not matter what you like. There are too many options of watches but wearing just about anything will not serve the purpose. In fact, you should force yourself to stay away from the bold watches which come with large dial. Big dials cover the entire wrist. Due to this, you need to stay away from the big dial watches. In fact, you need to understand that the watches you wear must not be overwhelming. The watches you wear need to complement your wrist size.


The watch cases and the straps make a difference here. The watch for thin wrist must not be dense and thick. They will make your thin wrist appear thinner. There are too many Ladies Watches which you can wear on your thin wrist. There are many stylish watches designed with stones which can be worn on your thin wrist. Also, you will find minimalist watch which can be fixed to fit a wrist. These watches come with leather or plastic straps which can be adjusted to suit the preference. 

Accessories occupy a large part of women’s fashion. This is what women carry along to express their personality and grace. Among accessories Ladies Watches are the main items which rule the list. Without a watch wrapped around your wrist, your fashion is incomplete. Sad, but this is the true fashion statement. Now, the question is – how do you choose your watch girl? What makes you pick up that piece and wrap it around your wrist? Why do you choose a watch and ignore the others? The most important question is do you even spend time choosing a watch? Or, do you pick up whatever comes to your view? Most of the women fall into the whatever comes to their view group. However, you need to find the right watch by exploring and research.


The problem with choosing Ladies Watches is the vast collection. There are so many out there that you would find yourself in the state of awe while choosing a watch. Which one to buy? Everyone is wondering the same question. Which watch to buy to express your personal style?


Going for a watch shopping can be challenging. You would have to consider a lot of things. You would have to consider yourself to buy the right watch. To be frank, you need to first assess your personality. What kind of a person are you? What do you do for living? How do you spend your free time?


See, if you have a collection of Ladies Watches, there is no problem. You buy a different piece for every occasion. However, what if you are not a watch fanatic? What if you don’t want to spend on multiple watches? In such a case, you need to buy just the watch which will help you stay true to your personal fashion.


So, let’s begin with your lifestyle. What do you do for your living? If you are a businesswoman and need a watch to rock the boardroom, you would find plenty of options in the Ladies Watches section. The watches with steel band would both demand respect and strike awe. No one says that a steel band watch would not look on the delicate wrist of a woman. In fact, such watches look better than leather strap watches. A stone studded jewel watch will also look good on the wrist of a businesswoman.


If you have a dominating personality, you would look good wearing a big dialed watch. This is the current trend. Women are wearing watches with big dials. However, here the catch is, you cannot wear a big dialed with a thin wrist. The watch would lose the elegance if you wrap a big dial on a bony thin wrist.


In case, you are an outdoor girl, you would need something sporty yet classy to flaunt that outgoing personality. If sports watch is your favorite, you have a vast collection. You can go creative with colors and types of watches. From flashy shades to light ones, sports watches come in every shape and color.

Time is precious, time has played a major role in changing the fashion trend. With the revolution of the new fashion world watch has become more than just a timepiece, it has become a valuable accessory for any woman. If you are inclined towards giving your wrist only the best, then you should take some time off to browse the stylish ladies watches available in the market.

Watch plays a very important role in transforming the persona. It not displays the elegance but also enhances the beauty of the wrist. There are specific brands, which are highly recommendable for their unique and creative designs. If you want to indulge in the luxury, then pamper your wrist with a diamond-studded watch, to stun the on-lookers. If the budget is a little low, but still you want to buy the best for your wrist, then go for a gold plated watch with round dial.

There are popular ladies watch brands, who offers wide array of styles at a very affordable price.

  1. Michael Kors, is one of the most renowned fashion brand offering wide range of affordable wrist watches for the urban females. The French fashion house has been acclaimed worldwide. This leading watch brand is ruling the watch world for more than two decades.
  2. Burberry, headquartered in London, is well-known for simple yet elegant designs. You will face a challenge while choosing the right watch from the luxurious collection. 
  3. Christian Dior, is another sought after ladies watches brand. Known for its charming designs, Christian Dior also has wide range of lavish ladies watches. Dior only believes in offering luxury items at its best.
  4. Rolex, another globally recognized brand has won millions of hearts with the contemporary designs. Since its foundation in 1905, Rolex have been creating ripples round the world.
  5. Another brand, which needs no introduction at all is Gucci, one of the most loved and desired watch brand available in the market.

If you are fascinated with changing your watch with your attire every other day, but find it to be too expensive to buy so many watches, try having fun with the straps. Fashion might change every day but leopard print will never go out of style. Buy a faux fur leopard print watchstrap to go with your evening outfit or your casual jeans and t-shirt look. Thinking what will complement your white short evening dress? try wearing a floral print watchstrap and admire the effect that it creates. Set a new trend by swapping your boring ladies watches with a funky bracelet analog watch.

From a necessity to an accessory, watch has surely gained a lot of glory. With over hundreds of years of presence in our lives, watch is surely the oldest devices, which were invented by the old generation. The history of watch date way back in 1770, when Abraham-Louis Perrelet invented the self-winding mechanism for pocket watches. But the self-winding wrist watch came into existence in 1923, it was invented by a British watch repairer named John Harwood. New devices will be invented every but the importance of a wrist watch will forever stay in everyone’s life.

Ladies watch – the most delicate thing on a woman’s wrist. If you consider it just as a timepiece, you will be wronged for sure. A watch on the wrist of a woman is not only a time keeper but also a jewel that makes the waving of her hand appear more intriguing. Now, the question is what sort of watch you will gift to your ladies.

In order to find an answer to the question, you need to distinguish the ladies in different categories. While you are giving a watch to your mom, your impression or joy will be different than the time when you gift the same to your girl friend. Mom will like whatever you give her, but the choice of your girlfriend will keep you on the toe. Therefore, you will be more cautious while buying a gift for your girlfriend.

It is indeed, a matter of confusion that you may never overcome in a single lifespan. Here, let this article help you out.

At first, before choosing a watch (both online or offline – though it would be better to choose online), you need to learn about the common choices of the certain woman. You need to know what she actually likes or some more details about her aesthetic senses. It will be easier for you to select a watch for her then.


Not only your girlfriend but also your mother may prefer trendy ladies watches. You need to ensure whether she has preference for certain brand. The appearance of the watches certainly differ at times. In that case, you need to use your concepts or preferences. There are many brands, which showcase a range of trendy as well as traditional ladies watches may make your task easier.


The traditional concepts of the watches can be best fit for both your mother and girlfriend. You can check out the beautiful traditional watches that ladies used in the earlier times. However, along with watches, if you can gift the ladies proper outfit, the overall appearance (as well as your impression) will be better for sure.

Smart watches

It depends on your choice and understanding of the smart gears. However, these items may not be included directly into the category of ladies watches because most of these are unisex. However, as a concerned son or a caring lover, you can surely gift your ladies modern smart watches. The gears by Samsung, Apple and other smart phone producing companies will surely top your choice list.

Unconventional watches

If your girlfriend is a daredevil, you can certainly choose such a gift for you. It may look like an usual watch, but considering the mood and choice of your girlfriend, such an unconventional gift may act as your trump card for impressing her. However, choosing such a gift for elders, especially for mom will be a bad idea indeed.

If you are actually looking for watches to gift, decide your budget range. There are different brands, which have sold millions of attractive ladies watches worldwide. If the budget is not an issue, you need to use your brain to make the item an impressive gift. There are several brands that have marketed budget range watches as well. Therefore, even if you do not have a heavy pocket, you do not need to worry about buying an impressive watch.

Women would kill to have a gorgeous timepiece on their hands. They would even go to the length of splurging half of their year’s bonus to get their hands on the best piece of time. It’s been long since watches were only a means of necessity. Wrist watches have much different purpose and function in the today’s fashion ladled world. The fashion gurus in this contemporary world are chanting the same mantra over and over again, ‘less is more’, in other words simple is the way to gain more attention. And soon this mantra has slipped into the watch-world. Speaking of watches for women, this can be as elegant as ever. With the priceless designs and expensive gems engraved on the dial the ladies watches are expensive and alluring.


Designers have created big and small watches to suit your personality better. With abundant of ladies watches from bling to super matte, there is one for every occasion. The fashion lovers are known to have ample of watches in every color in their collectibles. But for those who have the urge to have more rather than one super expensive watch, it is best advised to stay in the three figure limitations while purchasing your compatible watch. There are numerous brands with durable yet stylish product. The style range travels long when it comes to buy a good wrist watch but within means.


The style range for ladies watches


  • A round dialed with black and white marbleized texture on the dial and a stale grey satin finish of the concrete belt straps gives one of the best look and can worn in any occasions.


  • A round floral dial with neon belt straps can give a stand out look and can make a great day in the summer. The spring flower inspired look can be worn with a sundress or pair of denims with white tanks. The aim is keep your dress simple and make your accessory stand out.


  • A tiffany blue strap with rose gold dial is going to accentuate that evening gown of yours. It can also make great accessory for the day out in the beach.


  • The fabric woven belts for your straps and white gold dial rim, is a great watch to wear for picnics and casual Sunday brunches.


  • The metallic belts plated with rose gold and rose gold dial is best worn with little black dresses and other casual outfits. the monotone of your watch is actually going to compliment your outfit.


  • And the ultimate on this list is the elegant and priceless metallic gold net woven straps and gold rectangular dials. This is sure one of the classics and this is why it never went out of style.




This is only the overview of the variety of watches on display. The possibilities are endless and the numbers of styles are unaccountable. From the snake skinned straps to ruby studded dials, the luxury and the indulgence is never out of fashion. Although expensive but can be treated with the above mentioned list, the ladies watches are evolving and are turning heads everywhere.

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