The tick of clock is echoing –dream of Spring is brushing the air with its full bloom. Women are showing off their amazing tans and fashion is waking from its long slumber – it’s time to get up and get the Devil going. Accessories will get special attention this year. Spring will bloom with fashion accessory collection which will hold the ladies captive into the clutches. The main accessory is the watch. Without right women's watches your fashion will not find its proper niche.


When you set out to buy the Spring watch, you would find how many pieces are there in the market. You would know what the options out there are. Buying watches has never been easy. The matter would become more difficult if you are on a budget. Yes, the unfortunate fact of budgeting can get into anyone’s nerve. To be frank women's watches are really expensive. However, there are always options when you put your will together and make a decision. So, what if the most powerful women of the world are wearing the million dollar watches? So, what if those watches are just some fragments of dreams? When you go exploring the portals that sell watches you would come across a millions options which will help you stick to the style statement.


The trick is to buy things that look expensive. From a distance these need to reflect money. Of course, you would not have to wear the cheap imitation of the masterpieces. You just have to be witty enough to make yourself appear expensive. So, how are you going to do it?


Hmm…writing about women's watches comes with one problem – options. Choices have its’ own way of complicating things. When you have nothing to choose from, you pick up whatever is available. But, when you have a collection which both endless and awe striking laid before you, the decision of picking one becomes the most difficult task. It is the same with writing for watches. Which one to write about is the question which every watch blogger ponder over.


Stick to metal when you are trying to look expensive. This is the best way of faking rich look. Remember whatever dazzles with splendor attract respect. Whether you are wearing a simple watch or a branded one will not make much difference from a distance. People will notice the shine, they would have to look at the brand name when they come closer. Silver is the best metallic color which will help you strike that fashion look. The best thing about silver color is –you can pair it up with any type of clothes. You can wear it anywhere and anytime. Even if you sweat a lot, it would not fade the color. This luxury golden does not offer. Therefore, buy watches with silver colored metal bands and dials.


Women's watches that look really expensive are the ones that come with white band and white dial. Just wrap one around your wrist and watch the difference your watch makes. The main problem however is to protect the watch from dust and dirt.