Women and watches, it’s a movement that has come a long distance. From being a necessary means to a fashion accessory, women’s watches have created sensations through different time zones. Through time the look and purpose both changed for women’s watches. Watches made from rare jades and diamonds and engraved details, have slipped its way into the couture culture. It’s been long since women's watches were something of a societal status. In the previous era when women used to wear watches, it showed their elegance and their social status. But in today’s mod culture having a piece of time on hand can act as a fashion statement. But these all goes well with the fashion lovers.


Men’s masculine watches are now favored by women


But in this male dominant society women are breaking the rules of stereotypes and are more inclining towards big chunky watches with broad straps. They are proving that in the land where gender is just a state of mind, nothing is labeled as ‘only men’. Their take on the huge pieces of time, is creating a deep dent on the surface on the fashion industry. Women are associated with all kind of professions, and their need to make a good impression comes with a beautiful piece of time on their hands. Women on the technological front favor more masculine watches than those sleek designs. But not only tech-girls, but regular women with a more feminine job are taking up the fashion of wearing big bold watches on their wrist.


Initially women have tried men’s masculine watches, which usually have larger dials and sits loosely on their wrist. The loose fitted watch was the benchmark to start a trend. The look inspired designers and thus big chunky masculine watches with a touch of femininity is trending the market. Gone are those days where women's watches were considered sleek and elegant with trimmed belt and small dials. But with the heavy demand to match up the men’s world women have given up the look and style that is well associated with women. They are now inclined on suits and masculine watches and other accessories.


The style range


Masculine women's watches come in various shapes and styles. For starters, big black watches with a touch of gold here and there are more favored. It goes well with any outfit and great watch to sport in the workplace. But the style range is unaccountable, the second most favored watch is a silver one with diamond studs on the quarter marks and broad heavy metal belts which sits loosely on the wrist is a quick to empty the shelf. Camouflage is another style that has rocked the women’s world with its launch; from clothing lines to shoes, camouflage have been everywhere and now it has created a strong bond with the watches. But men have laid their hands on it too. Every now and then you will spot women rocking the camouflage on her wrist. Women's watches have embarked on a highway journey, with different labels and brands it has gone a long way and is still thriving the world of fashion.