The history of watches for women


In the male dominant society finding the true link to the first ever women’s wrist watch is to some extent difficult. From the rights to vote and to get the fair share on the fashion equipments, women have struggled through all of it. So, a desire to have the perfect wrist watch for women was incumbent. Initially wrist watches were first meant for women, while men carry their watches in their pockets and women displayed it on their wrists. In the long line of history the actual wrist watch for women came into existence in the early 1800, which is a credit to Abraham Louis Breguet, who made the watch for the Queen of Naples. And later on in 1869 Patek Philippe, made a wristwatch for The Countess of Koscowicz of Hungary. Since then, women’s watches have been one of the most desired fashion items.


The elegant look of it


Legends have poured heart into their work of arts in creating a priceless piece of time. A women’s wrist watch is a very beautiful thing to behold. It gives an epiphany to a women’s appearance and makes one stand out. In the modern era of metals belts with diamond studded dials and laser cut hands of minutes and hours, women’s watches are becoming a replacement of the bracelets or any other expensive jewelry. After the age of chunk jewelries women have finally gave up the heavy and bold look of it. Now women are inclined to the more mystified look and the elegance of it. The less is more is the modern theme for creating a statement. With minimal jewelry and a priceless piece of time in hand women likes to keep it simple, which in returns amplifies their perfection.


From sleek designs to brocade details, designers have tried it all. They even added diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires and many more expensive gems in their artworks to make it more appealing to you. With authenticate leather belts and gold plated wrist chains, a watch can be as valuable as one your diamond ring. From intricate embroidery on the dial to rare rose-gold plating in the belt and dials, women’s watches are surely making a mark in the fashion industry.


For the modern you


Designers believe that a women’s look remains incomplete without a perfect piece of wrist watch, which compliments their appearance and gives an impression of elegance. As time rolled on the importance of having a watch on hand became crucial. In the superfast era of time and business, a wrist watch can act as a statement and make heads turn towards you. The working women of the modern time is demanding watches to be more elegant and sophisticated which goes well with the business persona of the modern women.


With hundreds of labels and thousands of models, women’s watches have created a history in the world of fashion. They are reaching out to people with only one agenda, to experience the new and improvised version of the watches, which was once the leading accessory for men.