Initially removing the gender barriers was not as fashionable as it is today .Back in 90s when female celebrities wore a button shirt or a trouser it would become a controversy. In this generation people strongly believe that gender cannot be constrained. We believe that there is nothing a man can which a woman cannot and vice versa.

This belief has greatly influenced the fashion industry where we have seen women in typical men’s attire. In the same way men broke the gender norms and started opting for feminine colors like pink and going for silhouette. Today’s fashion is interchangeable and hence just like other fashion items watches also broke the stereotype. Defining watches for men and women is an age old system and hence unisex watches were launched.

Unisex watches have made decision making simpler and has revolutionized the watches for men and women. Unisex watches tempt the younger generation and gives them a wider range of options. This generation even though is concerned about fashion but they stress more on personal style. According to them watches for men can be worn by women and otherwise as long as it defines the wearer’s personality.

Unisex watches cater to the larger audience and consist of sizes which are usually there in watches for men and women. The diameter of a typical unisex watch is approximately 35mm to 40mm.These watches are without any jewel enhancements because some people still categorize these enhancements as feminine. These watches balance the traits of both men and women watches which are harmonious blend of the best of both worlds.

In the case of sports watches giving a feminine touch to it is little difficult because since generations people thought sports watches are meant for men as it is bigger in size. Unisex watchmakers have made these possible and created sports watches which serve both the gender. These watches are made thinner and have a softer appearance than the normal sports watches .All the specifications of a sports watch is kept intact with the change in weight and total profile of the watch.

Another important thing in a unisex watch is that keeping the dial suitable for both the genders. Watchmakers since ages have categorized the shape of the dials with gender. Moon shaped watches are basically seen in women watches and hence unisex watches do not have such dial shapes in it. The dial of unisex watches usually come in the usual round shape. The dials are kept simple and the writing inside the watch is not big either. In metallic band watches, unisex watches come in gold as well silver.

The colors used in the unisex watches are the colors which are there in the basic color scheme. Feminine colors like red and pinks and avoided because of the biases attached to it. There are various color options which both men and women can opt for. Navy blue, grey and black are a popular amongst men and women. Luxury unisex watches come in matte rose gold, silver and gold with less sparkle in it.