The origin of men’s watch


The beginning of men’s watches comes with a chain, usually attached to the pockets or waist, which was once considered sophisticated and elegant. But in the time of the war in the tropical zones, the pocket watches became more of a hassle than a help. So, the demand of a watch that allows one to see the time with ease surfaced the market. And with this the men’s wrist watch came in existence, initially the wrist watch was made for women as a fashion item. But soon with the improvised and new masculine designs, men have known to love wearing watches for ages. Watches for men have been in the industry for centuries.


The professions associated with watches


It is known for ages that certain watches are labeled with certain professions. The athletes, musicians, technicians, rock-stars and movie stars are known to have categorized their watches according to their preference. The athletes tend to have more user friendly and waterproof watches. The rock-stars have more of a wild with zero sophistication in their watch preference. Whereas the technician opted for the smart watches, with a bulk memory which even allows you to stay connected to your phone and even allows to make phones calls just from your watch. Initially these watches were made for men but it is becoming more of a unisex item. The gradual declination of only watches for men is on its verge. In the developing society the men and women are not genderize anymore.


The brand speaks


Few mega companies like Rolex, Omega, IWC, Patek Philippe are creating watches that are going to stand out and is definitely going for the expense they deserve. Although wrist watches were considered a ladies item but soon with complex designs and heavy leather belts it shipped as one of the fashion item for men. The more complex the watch is, the more the men are going to love them, and the reason for this is still unknown. So, the watches for men were all manufactured with the similar approach towards their customers. These brands serve elegance with purpose just in the right proportions. Though the smart watches are the ideal type for many, but cannot be worn into all occasions. And the touch system is a trouble for the regular use. The smart watches have touch sensibility, it only shows time when you touch its surface. It comes with many facilities but is useless in the daily use. So, for men sticking to the same old chunk of a dial with heavy metals straps are more favorable than experiencing the new smart watches.


The superfast world


The fast paced world has set a standard for the age old ethics of punctuality. So, to keep up with time, one must create a special bond with their watch. In the modern era time and money goes hand in hand. In the competitive world of business, the time is counted in money. The more time in hand the more money you’ll make. But to manage and squeeze time one must have to have a good relation with their trust worthy watch. Watches for men are here to stay irrespective of the era or the industrial demand. The need for watches is never ending.