Watches are meant to be decorative and useful which makes some type of statements about the taste and preference of the owners. Men's watches are reflection of their personality and style. The concept of wrist watches can be traced back from the 16th Century when Elizabeth I of England received a wrist watch from Robert Dudley in the year 1571. From the very beginning the wrist watches were mainly worn by women. Till the 20th century men’s used pocket watches. Finding a great and stylish watch is the top most priority of most of the individuals in today’s world.



Pocket watches were the common type of men's watches since their development in the 16th century. In the 17th century style changed and men started to wear watches in their pockets. Watches were the luxurious items until the second half of the 18th century. There are two types of pocket watches; the open faced pocket watches and the hunter case pocket watch.


The important feature of the mechanical men's watches is that it only requires the interaction with it users so that it can function properly. These type of watches don’t functions on battery and is one of the most personal and reliable device that one men can wear easily


The quartz watches comes in different style and colors. Compared to the mechanical watches the prices of quartz men’s watches are cheaper. A man with style understands the importance of wrist watches. A good and fashionable wrist watch presents the personality and style of an individual.


Swiss watches are very popular and renowned among the individuals for their top quality and craftsmanship. It is no doubt that Swiss watches have a very established and good reputation in producing the finest watches all over the world. Switzerland has produces different kind and range of watches over the past years. The mechanical watches, the automatic or self winding watches, the perpetual calendar watches, the wrist watches and the water proof watches, etc have been invented in Switzerland.


A fashion watch reflects the style and look of the individuals. People want to look good when they go for business meetings or when they have to attend some occasion. Apart from the dress and other items, watches helps in transforming the personality of the individuals. The watch that you will wear should match your dress in order to reflect your style and give you a fashionable look.


Seiko watches were founded in Japan in the year 1881. This company is well known over the world for its style and functions. This brand produces both mechanical and quartz watches. They have produced a large variety of watches over the years and had made a good and reputed place in the eyes of the customers.

Men's watches are still very popular in today’s fast and growing technologies. Many big companies have invested cores of rupees to produce great watches for men that represent their true personality and styles. Men choose watches as per their need and requirement and while doing so they take care to choose the correct type of watch that can reflect their personality and impress others.