Speaking about accessory, the fashion industry has poured it all. They have combined elegance with spunk and created one of a kind accessory for all the fashion savvy people. Even with the eternal luster, gorgeous gems engraved accessories don’t even come close to watches. But long gone are those days where watches were once a means of necessity for men. Men now have indulged into luxurious watches, and why not, with thousands of design to choose from men have gone as far as spending a lifetime trying to collect watches.


The preferred look


In today’s world men's watches have a new meaning, they give a volume in men’s personality. When it comes to formal outfits, men are known to rock it with those great impeccable styles. But with the exotic quality of suits and tie in check, men still needs an exquisite formal watch to compliment his outfit further. Mega brands have introduced a different formal watch that goes well with men’s unique personality. All of us want to dress according to our personality. So, when it comes to watches, we tend to choose the right one that we think will reflect our personality further.


The formal watch count


Usually a classic formal watch is simple yet elegant with black leather straps and round gold rimmed dial. This is a must have watch for men, as it can be worn in any formal occasion with simple suits. Be it a wedding or inauguration, you can come across many men sporting a classic formal watch. Irrespective of the age, a simple watch like this can bring a lot of attention towards your way.


But a formal watch doesn’t have to be that simple. Men have tried it all, from numerous dials in one watch to high ranges straps made from snake skins. But still it failed to create a mark in the formal trend market. Designer have improvised and created few more simple yet elegant designs for formal wear. They replaced that same old black with muted brown belts and not so luminous silver rimmed white dials. This started the trend as ‘brown is the new black’ and many designers got inspired and gave a long line of classic men's watches to choose from. The muted tones of this watch goes exceptionally well with suits and other formal outfits.


Another formal watch that needs a mention in this list is a complete silver watch. From the dial to the interlinked chain straps everything is a monotone silver. This watch is a total spin-off on the classic black strap gold rimmed dial, and it needs to be in men’s wardrobe at all cost. The monotone hue of this watch can give a formal look and can also be worn in any occasion other than only formal business meetings.


But keeping it aside men's watches have variety of range but it is tough to choose the classic watch for all your formal occasions. This list is sure to help the ever confused men, when they go for watch shopping. With numerous designs launched every day men's watches are on the verge of its revolution.