A wristwatch represents so much more than what it is designed to do. Watches are now worn to make a statement. There are numerous styles of men's watches available that will go with different outfits and different occasions. It has become one of the most picked accessories when we talk about fashion. No wonder many men enjoy collecting different styles of watches. Watches are the perfect to complete a look. Watches now come in various sizes, styles and material. Round dial watches are the most common one which has been in market for years now. But now, all kinds of dial shapes are available such as rectangular, oval, square and many more. If you have plump wrist then you must prefer square dials over round ones.

Men’s watches fall in the 34-50 mm range. Although there are bigger ones to that go up to 60. Make sure you choose the right size according to your built; you don’t want to end up looking like you are wearing a big clock on your wrist.  Over sized watches and huge dials are not for everybody. People with narrow wrist will look bad with big dial watches. Big dials are for bold and strong personalities. Choose what is best for you. If you have a dark complexion don’t go for gold plated ones, it is going to look really bad on you. If you are of a medium tone, go for silver or a matt gold watch.

There are different kinds of men’s watches available in the market. And each one of them has a different characteristic and function to offer.  Watches are generally of two types- The leather/plastic band and the chain/metal bands.  Leather/plastic band watches are more on a casual side. You can wear them on a weekend or if you are planning to go out with your friends. Chain/ metal bands give a more formal approach; you can wear it to work or to an interview. Metals watches make you look unique and it expresses your worth. It also helps you to make an impact on others. Each watch gives off a different vibe. Weigh up the advantages of all the materials and textures when making a choice. You can either go for a matte finish or a shiny one. However shiny ones are hard to maintain. Greasy Fingerprints on the shiny surface looks bad. Expensive metals watches such as a gold/diamond watch is best suited for elegant occasions.

Also try taking the display under consideration. Digital displays are very easy and convenient to read but it does not look sophisticated at all. Analogue watch on the other hand looks very elegant. Take into account the extra features you can benefit from such as a built-in alarm, date display, stopwatch, and water resistance. Some of the men's watches are also equipped with compass, lunar movements, GPS, barometers and altimeters. A person who travels a lot can buy a clock which shows several time zones, including major international cities. Pay attention to all these factors before buying a watch.