Time is precious, time has played a major role in changing the fashion trend. With the revolution of the new fashion world watch has become more than just a timepiece, it has become a valuable accessory for any woman. If you are inclined towards giving your wrist only the best, then you should take some time off to browse the stylish ladies watches available in the market.

Watch plays a very important role in transforming the persona. It not displays the elegance but also enhances the beauty of the wrist. There are specific brands, which are highly recommendable for their unique and creative designs. If you want to indulge in the luxury, then pamper your wrist with a diamond-studded watch, to stun the on-lookers. If the budget is a little low, but still you want to buy the best for your wrist, then go for a gold plated watch with round dial.

There are popular ladies watch brands, who offers wide array of styles at a very affordable price.

  1. Michael Kors, is one of the most renowned fashion brand offering wide range of affordable wrist watches for the urban females. The French fashion house has been acclaimed worldwide. This leading watch brand is ruling the watch world for more than two decades.
  2. Burberry, headquartered in London, is well-known for simple yet elegant designs. You will face a challenge while choosing the right watch from the luxurious collection. 
  3. Christian Dior, is another sought after ladies watches brand. Known for its charming designs, Christian Dior also has wide range of lavish ladies watches. Dior only believes in offering luxury items at its best.
  4. Rolex, another globally recognized brand has won millions of hearts with the contemporary designs. Since its foundation in 1905, Rolex have been creating ripples round the world.
  5. Another brand, which needs no introduction at all is Gucci, one of the most loved and desired watch brand available in the market.

If you are fascinated with changing your watch with your attire every other day, but find it to be too expensive to buy so many watches, try having fun with the straps. Fashion might change every day but leopard print will never go out of style. Buy a faux fur leopard print watchstrap to go with your evening outfit or your casual jeans and t-shirt look. Thinking what will complement your white short evening dress? try wearing a floral print watchstrap and admire the effect that it creates. Set a new trend by swapping your boring ladies watches with a funky bracelet analog watch.

From a necessity to an accessory, watch has surely gained a lot of glory. With over hundreds of years of presence in our lives, watch is surely the oldest devices, which were invented by the old generation. The history of watch date way back in 1770, when Abraham-Louis Perrelet invented the self-winding mechanism for pocket watches. But the self-winding wrist watch came into existence in 1923, it was invented by a British watch repairer named John Harwood. New devices will be invented every but the importance of a wrist watch will forever stay in everyone’s life.