Ladies watch – the most delicate thing on a woman’s wrist. If you consider it just as a timepiece, you will be wronged for sure. A watch on the wrist of a woman is not only a time keeper but also a jewel that makes the waving of her hand appear more intriguing. Now, the question is what sort of watch you will gift to your ladies.

In order to find an answer to the question, you need to distinguish the ladies in different categories. While you are giving a watch to your mom, your impression or joy will be different than the time when you gift the same to your girl friend. Mom will like whatever you give her, but the choice of your girlfriend will keep you on the toe. Therefore, you will be more cautious while buying a gift for your girlfriend.

It is indeed, a matter of confusion that you may never overcome in a single lifespan. Here, let this article help you out.

At first, before choosing a watch (both online or offline – though it would be better to choose online), you need to learn about the common choices of the certain woman. You need to know what she actually likes or some more details about her aesthetic senses. It will be easier for you to select a watch for her then.


Not only your girlfriend but also your mother may prefer trendy ladies watches. You need to ensure whether she has preference for certain brand. The appearance of the watches certainly differ at times. In that case, you need to use your concepts or preferences. There are many brands, which showcase a range of trendy as well as traditional ladies watches may make your task easier.


The traditional concepts of the watches can be best fit for both your mother and girlfriend. You can check out the beautiful traditional watches that ladies used in the earlier times. However, along with watches, if you can gift the ladies proper outfit, the overall appearance (as well as your impression) will be better for sure.

Smart watches

It depends on your choice and understanding of the smart gears. However, these items may not be included directly into the category of ladies watches because most of these are unisex. However, as a concerned son or a caring lover, you can surely gift your ladies modern smart watches. The gears by Samsung, Apple and other smart phone producing companies will surely top your choice list.

Unconventional watches

If your girlfriend is a daredevil, you can certainly choose such a gift for you. It may look like an usual watch, but considering the mood and choice of your girlfriend, such an unconventional gift may act as your trump card for impressing her. However, choosing such a gift for elders, especially for mom will be a bad idea indeed.

If you are actually looking for watches to gift, decide your budget range. There are different brands, which have sold millions of attractive ladies watches worldwide. If the budget is not an issue, you need to use your brain to make the item an impressive gift. There are several brands that have marketed budget range watches as well. Therefore, even if you do not have a heavy pocket, you do not need to worry about buying an impressive watch.