Women would kill to have a gorgeous timepiece on their hands. They would even go to the length of splurging half of their year’s bonus to get their hands on the best piece of time. It’s been long since watches were only a means of necessity. Wrist watches have much different purpose and function in the today’s fashion ladled world. The fashion gurus in this contemporary world are chanting the same mantra over and over again, ‘less is more’, in other words simple is the way to gain more attention. And soon this mantra has slipped into the watch-world. Speaking of watches for women, this can be as elegant as ever. With the priceless designs and expensive gems engraved on the dial the ladies watches are expensive and alluring.


Designers have created big and small watches to suit your personality better. With abundant of ladies watches from bling to super matte, there is one for every occasion. The fashion lovers are known to have ample of watches in every color in their collectibles. But for those who have the urge to have more rather than one super expensive watch, it is best advised to stay in the three figure limitations while purchasing your compatible watch. There are numerous brands with durable yet stylish product. The style range travels long when it comes to buy a good wrist watch but within means.


The style range for ladies watches


  • A round dialed with black and white marbleized texture on the dial and a stale grey satin finish of the concrete belt straps gives one of the best look and can worn in any occasions.


  • A round floral dial with neon belt straps can give a stand out look and can make a great day in the summer. The spring flower inspired look can be worn with a sundress or pair of denims with white tanks. The aim is keep your dress simple and make your accessory stand out.


  • A tiffany blue strap with rose gold dial is going to accentuate that evening gown of yours. It can also make great accessory for the day out in the beach.


  • The fabric woven belts for your straps and white gold dial rim, is a great watch to wear for picnics and casual Sunday brunches.


  • The metallic belts plated with rose gold and rose gold dial is best worn with little black dresses and other casual outfits. the monotone of your watch is actually going to compliment your outfit.


  • And the ultimate on this list is the elegant and priceless metallic gold net woven straps and gold rectangular dials. This is sure one of the classics and this is why it never went out of style.




This is only the overview of the variety of watches on display. The possibilities are endless and the numbers of styles are unaccountable. From the snake skinned straps to ruby studded dials, the luxury and the indulgence is never out of fashion. Although expensive but can be treated with the above mentioned list, the ladies watches are evolving and are turning heads everywhere.