We are one of the most trusted watch brands today, and we at Aibi Watch are really grateful to our esteemed customers for it. It has always been our aim to offer reliable and beautiful watches to our customers, and we’re glad that our technology and craftsmanship is so widely accepted by numerous people today.
Steven Nevada series is another eye-catching series of watches from our brand. These watches are mechanical watches which are traditional in style but modern in technology. This collection is all about precisely functioning watches in noble style. And this particular men’s watch has a 42mm big main case and a 22mm leather strap. The entire watch is made from shining stainless steel, except the dial and the strap, both of which come in black. This black hue of radiates a feeling of eeriness and mystery around the watch- something which most men love to create around them!
This watch is equipped with a sub-dial which indicates the days passed with the completion of every 24 hours. This style is popular in watches with thin needles to denote 12-hour timings. Looking at the watch’s dial, you can see a plethora of small shining diamonds around the black dial, along with two thick hands and one thin second hand to indicate the exact time every minute.
Black is always a dazzling shade- speaking of numerous emotions together. And that’s why we’ve added black to this watch to increase its elegance, thus enhancing your personality in turn. This casual classic watch will make one admit that you know style. Its great craftsmanship makes it a good wear on almost every occasion of work and leisure in our daily life.