Most watches today are too digitized to stick to old traditional dials that would simply give us the time of day without having to tweak it around. We have fashioned this special watch in the Marta Las Vegas Series that denote a style of chronological watches from yore. With unique color combinations and enhanced old style features, this watch is very well the desire and dream of every woman on the street.
Not only do you get one of the most elegant and creative of watches but also get to choose from four different colors to choose from. We have made the watch entirely from stainless steel that gives it life-long durability to wear and tear and resistant to scratches too. Featuring the ultimate in design techniques, the watch is for sure an eye catcher.
The 51501-1 comes packed compact in a 40mm by 12mm thickness casing. The face is connected to a 23mm yellowish leather strap which is the highlight of this model. Clearly making a fashion statement, this watch is the trend of the day from our factory. The watch has been equipped with 5ATM technology which keeps it resistant to water and 6S11 movement which gives us the three hand facility to view time old style.
The face is fitted with two sub dials on the upper and lower portions of the dial. Made entirely from stainless steel including the three hands of time, the watch is completely scratch proof and durable over to wear over time. The 51501-1 is indeed our pride and our gift to mankind.