Of the darkest of fantasies one could have, the darkest of watches is one of them. Made entirely of a black color combination, this watch could easily belong to a gothic pattern. Rising to the heights of breaking stereotypic design patterns, the black against black technique is one to marvel. Everybody loves a good black apparel. No one would say ‘no’ to black at all. Having high endurance to wear and made smart to the look, the 51101-2 appeals to everyone’s eyes and wrist.
Enclosed in a 40mm black stainless steel casing, the watch is crafted with a black dial and a matching 20mm black band. Designed to indicate the time of day with absolute precision and perfection, the watch has been fitted with 3 hands- the hour, the minute and the second’s hand. The black leather strap is also tensile enough to make it sturdy and tear resistant. The leather band is soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear. Not only is it lightweight, but also tough and resistant to tear.
Match it with any apparel of your choice and on any occasion or festivity, be it daily wear or on special occasions, this watch is your life long companion giving you the correct time of the day every time.  With timeless design and fashionable statement, the watch is a pride of our company. Buy it for your near and dear ones or even don it on your wrists and make a strong testimonial.