The Fabio Mimi Watch for men by Aibi is a unique and trendy design unlike any other you might have seen. Another excellent design by our company, the 51101-1 is a pattern to marvel. The watch imitates your personality and personifies your charm and manliness with elegance and power. We have strived hard to maintain the class and trend of the current generation to produce this magnificent design for men.
Motivated to design by a vintage car speedometer, this watch speaks volumes about the raging and relaxed American spirit. The entire package is made from stainless steel, giving the watch a scratch free body. This gives the device more durability to regular wear and tear. The polished casing is matched with a contrasting black and white colored leather strap. The 40mm case comes with a 20mm strap that is both smooth to the touch and light weighted to the wrist. It is also tough enough to withstand regular wear and tear.
The dial of the face is fixed with a three hand design showing the hour, minute and seconds of time with accuracy in detail. The leather strap is also of high quality that is tensile and gives maximum life durability. The contrastingly patterned design makes time easily visible and readable to the human eye.
Equipped with the latest of technology and designed after the fastest of cars, this timepiece is the apt companion to your constantly moving life. At Aibi, we care for your comfort and complete satisfaction, before any other aspect can be considered.