Contrary to usual stereotypic designs, the 51103-2 has been designed with jet- black dial and a contrastingly shiny silver band. Not only is this flashy, but also tasteful and of new age design. Fitted with a 3ATM technology the watch is water proof and the stainless steel casing makes it scratch resistant. All in all, the watch has a high durability and is assured to give you a life-long complaint free time reading.
The face of the 40mm dial is jet black and is fitted with twelve silver headed rivets indicating the time of the day. To make the precision of time more apt, the watch has been equipped with the latest Japanese Quartz movement technology along with the excelsior processor. This improves time indication and durability of the device for a lifetime. The design is both simple and unique to the series and is the perfect choice for you and your near and dear ones. Thus pattern is a unique one and sure to become a trendsetter in the near future.
We at Aibi ensure that all the watches are checked and re-checked thoroughly for any errors and faulty to avoid any complications or give way to complaints. We have created this watch such that you may use it rest assured on a daily basis without any worry of wear and tear. Mix and match the watch with any clothing of your desire and on any occasion or festivity. Not only will your appearance be personified with  high magnitude but also enhanced with more elegance and charm unlike any other.