Our watch factories are filled with the harmonious sounds of synchronized watches that are updated to stay in sync with the latest technology the world lives in. We savour the values of tradition and strive to maintain its class and standards while renewing our watch making techniques with new and contemporary design styles. The 01701-1 is the perfect example to our aim.
Belonging to the Charles Florida series, the 01701-1 is much different when compared to the other watches. Unlike other watches, this one has been set with a sub dial that also indicates the seconds count of time, acting like the seconds hand in a clock. Apart from this, the watch is also fitted with an hour hand and a minute hand that function normally with precision. This setup gives the watch an enhanced fashionable appeal.
The dial is embedded with twelve silver roman numerals that stand out against the white background and highlights the time for convenient reading. It is a very fashionable statement and sets you apart from the crowd.
The entire package is a special case from our factory that is designed to give you ultimate satisfaction and a sense of comfort over time. As far as quality goes, we manufacture only the top most features and designs of the watch world. The leather strap is set to standards of extreme comfort and is suitable for your regular usage without fear of wear and tear. Mix and match this watch with any ensemble on any festivity and occasion. It is the absolute gift for your dear ones and you too.