At AIBI we are very particular about precision and perfection. While we devote our time to designing the most intricate and spectacular patterns of watched for both men and women, we focus on fulfilling all the requirements of each individual and cover all generations of technology up to date. This particular design is specifically crafted to please and amplify the men who prefer a classic circle.
Designed to fit in a 40mm casing, the watch is of a 20mm leather band and a circular face. The dial is patterned with a white background with evenly partitioned grids. The watch is well equipped with GM15 movement technology that is wired to improve time precision and directing techniques. The dial is embedded with twelve pointy white rivet heads, which is a contemporary style and in sync with the face background color. Strikingly innovative and a design to marvel, this watch is a trendsetter
The black and white contrasting color combination of the watch is a traditional style and an adaptable design for the wearer too. The black band is made of leather, making it soft and comfortable for your wear all day long. It has been crafted to sustain wear and tear and is durable to regular use. This contemporary style of design can be paired with any choice of garment and on all occasions.
Gift it to your special someone or to yourself and make life special and memorable forever. Amplifying the sense of style and charm in a man, the 52501-1 is the perfect choice for the classic man.