Most of young people like simple but fashionable watches, the style of watch dial becomes an important factor in choosing a watch. Our designer watches for men is suitable and comfortable can make yourself be close to the fashion.

Aaron series has six designer watches for men, this series has couple watches with our watches for women. Our watches are outstanding for her simple dial. The first one has basic black-and-white design which makes it a simple, versatile timepiece which is great for everyday wear. Gethering into one round circle, these little figures is inset on a white background. Equip with a 40mm watch case and a 20mm black leather band, this watch is specially made for young men. Also it equips with two GN15 movements which are crossed on the watch to direct the time. The white case stands for pure, the dark strap is also long-lasting and durable wear. For work and leisure, this casual classic says you know style. Looking at the watch face, we can see 12 pointed white head rivet which are made in white and is very harmonious with white face. This kind of watch will be a great gift for boyfriend or husband. The second one has a special design of dark watch, black case and black band which shows a feeling of mystery. The difference between this watch and the first one is the color of dial. With two silver hands and 12 silver pointed white head rivet which are decorated on this black dial, this mysterious watch will enhance the charm of men. The third one has a dark brown leather strap and white case which gives out a style of elegant. Simple dial without a second hand makes this watch elegant, beauty, and fashionable. The fourth one gets a rose golden skin which is well in style with a coffee brown band. Romantic and mature are the best elements for this watch. The elegant brown-and-white design gives out a style of retro. With two rose golden hands and 12 head rivets, it is gorgeous and noble. The fifth watch gets a rose golden skin which is greatly loved by trendy, The elegant design of the this watch gives out a style of maturity and noble. The last one is different from other watches in this series, it is designed in golden color. Decorated with a brown leather strap, which makes it stands out from the other watches with the same features. The gold plated craft makes the watch looking romantic.

These six simple dial designer watches for men keep the rule of simple in mind, which can meet your need with exquisite designs and awesome quality.