Watch straps, most times could be regarded as fashion items, serving both a utilitarian and decorative function. watch strap is one of the important factors in when people choose a watch. Aibi watch has various kinds of straps, they are made of leather, stainless steel, nylon, and metal.

Recently years, nylon strap watches become popular with young people, some of them thinner and softer, while others are thicker and stiffer and and have a wide variety of colors and patterns. Aibi watch has two series striped nylon strap watches. Felix series has four nylon strap watches for men, The first one has a 20mm white alternate with black striped nylon watch band, this watch equips with 40mm white dial and 3ATM water resistance. This classic white dial with three big silver hands is easy to read time. The striped nylon band with buckle closure is fit for most size of wrist. With Japanese quartz movement and excelsior process, this watch will give you the permanent companion. Be your own style icon and say goodbye to tedious life. The second one has a big black dial, equips with a black alternate with gray striped nylon band, this watch gives out a style of simple and innovative which will be such a craft for every occasions, and it also has a good touch-feeling. The special combination of silver and Grey is like the combination of ancient and modern. This charming watch will give you an unique experience and is sure to be your best fashion joker. The third one was made from gold plated stainless steel, it has a golden dial. Inspired by the gorgeous color of a classic flag, the striped nylon strap is yellow alternate with black which is naturally compatible with the white watch face. Equips with a 7mm thickness slim dial, this watch looks simple and elegant, and will be such a craft for every occasions. Three rose golden hands and pointed head rivets show your noble temperament. The last one has a rose golden skin, red and black nylon strap is naturally compatible with the white watch face.

These four aibi watches is mature and fashionable, nylon strap watch will be a new trend in street fashion.