Aibi chronograph collection has many designer watches for men, Some of them are simplistic in its design, while some are complicated-looking watches. All of them are high quality and outstanding for their designs.

Aibi chronograph contains various kinds of designer watches for men. Our Richard series is the combination of simplistic in its function and aesthetically complex. This collection is all about keeping things functional, tasteful and noble. The first one got a 42mm big white dial and a 22mm black leather strap which gives out a style of simple. Equips with a big face and three sub-dials and date window at 4 o’clock position, and one thick hour hand, one thick minute hand and one thin second hand on the main dial are held to tell you the right time in every minute. Made from silver stainless steel, the watch case, hands and pointed head rivet look compatible with white dial and black leather strap. The second one decorated with a dark brown leather strap and silver case, red second hand and blue minute hand are held to tell you the right time in every minute. Adjustable buckle clasp is fit for most size of wrist, and leather calfskin band is comfortable for wearing. Dark brown leather strap and silver case is simple but fashion. The third one has a rose golden case which is compatible with white 42mm white dial and brown leather strap. Looking at the watch face, we can see 12 rose golden head rivet and two thick hands. The design of rose golden and brown gives out a style of mature and royal. The last one is different from other watches, the design of black case, dial and strap makes this watch stands out from this series. The style of all-black gives out a feeling of mysterious and mature. With two black hands on the main face, it is extremely fashionable. This chronograph watch is sure to be your fashion item .

Our chronograph designer watches for men combine the most intricate watch-making skills with innovative designs, various kinds of color can satisfy your different demands.