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AiBi men's watches for Quartz Watch with Nylon Strap and silver case

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 5:27:35 PM America/Los_Angeles

We are one of the most favorite brands for watches. And thus, we take immense pride in gifting accurate technology and eye-catching fashion statements to our customers via our watches, which is the sole reason for our grand acceptance as one of the best watch brands today.
Different from our other series of watches, the Item No (51102-1) from the Fabio New York series does not have straps made of leather or metallic material band. Instead, it comes with an attractive black and white watch band made of nylon. This wonderful watch is also equipped with an elegant white dial of 40mm measurement. It also comes with 3 ATM technologies and is also completely water resistant. What’s more? Our watch is also equipped with the durable Japanese quartz movement and excelsior process. Thus trust us- this watch is a wonderful choice you can make. We promise you that this watch is built in such a robust and reliable way, that it will definitely stand the test of time. Trust this watch from Aibi Watch and no other brand if you wish your watch to be your permanent and perfect companion for a lifetime.
This stylish watch is bound to make you fall in love with it in the very first sight. This watch is a staunch example of elegance in simplicity, and is capable of catching everyone’s eyes around you. It’s time you bid adieu to your monotonous lifestyle, and embrace a happening life by being your own style icon owing to this stylish and exotic watch from our brand, Aibi Watch.

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We are one of the most sought after brands for its beautiful and versatile watches. And we take great happiness and pride in making innumerable customers happy with our craftsmanship and technology.
Our Item No (01003-2) is another masterpiece in our eye-catching collection of watches exclusively for men. However, unlike our other series of watches which come in vibrant colors, this watch comes with the motto of keeping things simple, shining and accurately functional. This chronograph watch from us features chrono movement along with a 42-hour power reserve and 10 ATM. It has a white simple face with slim, NATO, normal leather strap. To add to its magnificence we have also proved three rounded sub-dials to the watch to denote hours, minutes and seconds, including a rotating aluminum bezel. The main dial also has a thick hour hand and minute hand, and a thin second hand. On looking at the dial you can also find a solid quartz movement to keep the watch in perfect state of functioning, and two of the sub-dials matching the color of the case and the third sub-dial matching the color of the dial. The 44mm length and 10mm thickness watch case is made from stainless steel.
We assure you that this neat, simple yet elegant watch is bound to suit every man, and can be worn for all occasions ranging from wedding occasions to parties and clubbing, and so on. Our products are always by your side to be your reason of happiness and style.

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Aibi mens watches for Chronograph Watch with Leather Strap and three sub-dials

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 5:25:15 PM America/Los_Angeles

Watch. Our technology advanced and fashionable watches have made us one of the top watch brands today.
Unlike our other watch series which are generally crafted with a variety of attractive colors, this collection focuses on producing simple yet lustrous, and functionally precise watches. This Chronograph watch from Aibi Watch is equipped with durable chronograph movement, and features a whooping 42-hour power reserve coupled with 10ATM to provide the best service to you. It comes with a sober black dial and thin straps in glossy and normal NATO leather. The watch’s main dial features three round sub-dials including a rotating aluminum bezel which function independently to display hour-minute-second readings, along with two thick hands for hours and minutes and one thin hand for seconds. The main dial is empowered by a durable quartz movement to keep your watch in perfectly functional state. You can also find that the sub-dials are colored, and while the color of the hour and minute dials match with that of the watch case, the second dial’s color matches with that of the main dial .  The watch has a 44mm-size and 10mm-thickness case made from stainless steel. This brilliant watch from our brand comes with great dial functional precision, along with an attractive style suitable for all events such as weddings, parties, clubbing and many more. Our watches are a reliable companion because they can constantly with you everywhere, and make you happy always without fail.

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Aibi mens watches for Mechanical Watch with Leather Strap and shinning diamonds

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 7:06:30 PM America/Los_Angeles

We are one of the most trusted watch brands today, and we at Aibi Watch are really grateful to our esteemed customers for it. It has always been our aim to offer reliable and beautiful watches to our customers, and we’re glad that our technology and craftsmanship is so widely accepted by numerous people today.
Steven Nevada series is another eye-catching series of watches from our brand. These watches are mechanical watches which are traditional in style but modern in technology. This collection is all about precisely functioning watches in noble style. And this particular men’s watch has a 42mm big main case and a 22mm leather strap. The entire watch is made from shining stainless steel, except the dial and the strap, both of which come in black. This black hue of radiates a feeling of eeriness and mystery around the watch- something which most men love to create around them!
This watch is equipped with a sub-dial which indicates the days passed with the completion of every 24 hours. This style is popular in watches with thin needles to denote 12-hour timings. Looking at the watch’s dial, you can see a plethora of small shining diamonds around the black dial, along with two thick hands and one thin second hand to indicate the exact time every minute.
Black is always a dazzling shade- speaking of numerous emotions together. And that’s why we’ve added black to this watch to increase its elegance, thus enhancing your personality in turn. This casual classic watch will make one admit that you know style. Its great craftsmanship makes it a good wear on almost every occasion of work and leisure in our daily life.

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Aibi mens watches for Chronograph Watch with Leather Strap and thickness 12mm

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 7:05:52 PM America/Los_Angeles

We at Aibi Watch always make untiring efforts towards gifting the best technology and creativity to our esteemed customers. And we take extreme pride and happiness in realizing and claiming that, Aibi Watch is one of the most favorite watch brands among numerous people today.
If you prefer simplicity in your appearance, then this men’s watch from our brand is just meant for you! Its item number is 51501-2, and comes in a lustrous stainless steel body. This watch is also equipped with a durable black leather strap and white case. Trust is, this watch is simple yet elegant, you would love to take it home!
Similar to other watches, this men’s watch too has a watch case of 40mm size 12mm thickness. Its 20mm leather strap will definitely give you a good feeling when you wear it on your wrist. This AIBI Chronograph watch is coupled up with a 6S11 movement. It has three hands to denote the time and 5ATM, all of which come with a simple dial and original leather straps. On looking at the dial of the watch you can find two sub-dials at the top and at the bottom of the main dial.
The entire watch- right from the body to the three hands of the dial is crafted from stainless steel. It thus, has a simple stainless steel hue which makes the watch suitable for every occasion. Thus, be it weddings, parties or club activities, be there wearing this watch as a simple yet elegant accessory, and become popular among fashionable women! Thus, wait no more- add this grand watch to your shopping cart and buy now!

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Aibi mens watches for Chronograph Watch with Leather Strap and two sub-dials

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 7:04:54 PM America/Los_Angeles

Most watches today are too digitized to stick to old traditional dials that would simply give us the time of day without having to tweak it around. We have fashioned this special watch in the Marta Las Vegas Series that denote a style of chronological watches from yore. With unique color combinations and enhanced old style features, this watch is very well the desire and dream of every woman on the street.
Not only do you get one of the most elegant and creative of watches but also get to choose from four different colors to choose from. We have made the watch entirely from stainless steel that gives it life-long durability to wear and tear and resistant to scratches too. Featuring the ultimate in design techniques, the watch is for sure an eye catcher.
The 51501-1 comes packed compact in a 40mm by 12mm thickness casing. The face is connected to a 23mm yellowish leather strap which is the highlight of this model. Clearly making a fashion statement, this watch is the trend of the day from our factory. The watch has been equipped with 5ATM technology which keeps it resistant to water and 6S11 movement which gives us the three hand facility to view time old style.
The face is fitted with two sub dials on the upper and lower portions of the dial. Made entirely from stainless steel including the three hands of time, the watch is completely scratch proof and durable over to wear over time. The 51501-1 is indeed our pride and our gift to mankind.

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Aibi mens watches for Quartz Watch with Leather Strap and Classic black timepiece

Monday, February 27, 2017 5:07:56 PM America/Los_Angeles

Of the darkest of fantasies one could have, the darkest of watches is one of them. Made entirely of a black color combination, this watch could easily belong to a gothic pattern. Rising to the heights of breaking stereotypic design patterns, the black against black technique is one to marvel. Everybody loves a good black apparel. No one would say ‘no’ to black at all. Having high endurance to wear and made smart to the look, the 51101-2 appeals to everyone’s eyes and wrist.
Enclosed in a 40mm black stainless steel casing, the watch is crafted with a black dial and a matching 20mm black band. Designed to indicate the time of day with absolute precision and perfection, the watch has been fitted with 3 hands- the hour, the minute and the second’s hand. The black leather strap is also tensile enough to make it sturdy and tear resistant. The leather band is soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear. Not only is it lightweight, but also tough and resistant to tear.
Match it with any apparel of your choice and on any occasion or festivity, be it daily wear or on special occasions, this watch is your life long companion giving you the correct time of the day every time.  With timeless design and fashionable statement, the watch is a pride of our company. Buy it for your near and dear ones or even don it on your wrists and make a strong testimonial.

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Aibi mens watches for Quartz Watch with Leather Strap and black-and-white design

Monday, February 27, 2017 5:07:08 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Fabio Mimi Watch for men by Aibi is a unique and trendy design unlike any other you might have seen. Another excellent design by our company, the 51101-1 is a pattern to marvel. The watch imitates your personality and personifies your charm and manliness with elegance and power. We have strived hard to maintain the class and trend of the current generation to produce this magnificent design for men.
Motivated to design by a vintage car speedometer, this watch speaks volumes about the raging and relaxed American spirit. The entire package is made from stainless steel, giving the watch a scratch free body. This gives the device more durability to regular wear and tear. The polished casing is matched with a contrasting black and white colored leather strap. The 40mm case comes with a 20mm strap that is both smooth to the touch and light weighted to the wrist. It is also tough enough to withstand regular wear and tear.
The dial of the face is fixed with a three hand design showing the hour, minute and seconds of time with accuracy in detail. The leather strap is also of high quality that is tensile and gives maximum life durability. The contrastingly patterned design makes time easily visible and readable to the human eye.
Equipped with the latest of technology and designed after the fastest of cars, this timepiece is the apt companion to your constantly moving life. At Aibi, we care for your comfort and complete satisfaction, before any other aspect can be considered.

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Aibi mens watches for Quartz Watch with stainless steel strap and black dial

Monday, February 27, 2017 5:05:54 PM America/Los_Angeles

Contrary to usual stereotypic designs, the 51103-2 has been designed with jet- black dial and a contrastingly shiny silver band. Not only is this flashy, but also tasteful and of new age design. Fitted with a 3ATM technology the watch is water proof and the stainless steel casing makes it scratch resistant. All in all, the watch has a high durability and is assured to give you a life-long complaint free time reading.
The face of the 40mm dial is jet black and is fitted with twelve silver headed rivets indicating the time of the day. To make the precision of time more apt, the watch has been equipped with the latest Japanese Quartz movement technology along with the excelsior processor. This improves time indication and durability of the device for a lifetime. The design is both simple and unique to the series and is the perfect choice for you and your near and dear ones. Thus pattern is a unique one and sure to become a trendsetter in the near future.
We at Aibi ensure that all the watches are checked and re-checked thoroughly for any errors and faulty to avoid any complications or give way to complaints. We have created this watch such that you may use it rest assured on a daily basis without any worry of wear and tear. Mix and match the watch with any clothing of your desire and on any occasion or festivity. Not only will your appearance be personified with  high magnitude but also enhanced with more elegance and charm unlike any other.

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Aibi mens watches for Quartz Watch with Leather Strap and classic black design

Sunday, February 26, 2017 7:10:14 PM America/Los_Angeles

AiBi stands for its high quality standards and successful design techniques. Not only do we patronize our customers every preference and liking, we also make  designs that suit their very personality and personify it too. We keep quality and perfection as our primary targets. All our products are chosen specifically targeting a wrist to suit our every watch.
The 52501-2 has been designed to suit absolutely any hand, to sit with grace and elegance against any clothing on any occasion and festivity. It comes with a circular dial based on a white background. The face of the dial has been intricately designed with grids that form a simple elegant pattern when parted together. The watch comes with GM15 movement technology that enhances the time direction techniques.
The white face is contrastingly fixed with a classic black 20mm leather band strap and it is packed in a simple thin 40mm case. This is the most classic of designs and is crafted to standard design principles. The face of the dial is fixed with big white twelve rivet heads that indicate the hours and minutes of the day.
Abundantly filled with positive qualities, its features all expel a sense of power and vigour. The classic black and white color combination gives quite the mysterious sensation and personifies the wearer with a magnified aura.
Suitable of men for all ages and skin tones, the 52501-2 is the perfection of watches world over. Gift yourself or your near and dear ones and make their lives happy and appreciated once and for all.

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