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We have been wearing watches for many centuries now, and we still regard luxury watch brands as among the most impressive makers of precision machinery that can be found. Are you interested in buying a luxury watch, and do you need some advice on the brands that populate the market? If so, you will need to take a look at following guide for some of the greatest brands in existence for designer watches. Several eminent brands are there, and you shall be introduced to the most popular ones in the following section.

The luxury watch is not just a fashion accessory, but also a status symbol. Like quality clothes, perfumes and cars symbolize class or sophistication, luxury watches also signify your class. It is often said that a man’s personality is judged by the timepiece he uses to wear. The watch will say a lot about your personality, attitude and overall appearance. To look posh as well as impressive, you need have sophisticated and elegant design timekeeper tied on your wrist. It is obvious that designer watches will be expensive. In fact the more money you want to invest, the better product shall you get.

Swiss Luxurious Watch Brands

When it comes to luxury watches, the Swiss timekeeper manufacturing brands stand out in the competition. During industrial revolution in Europe, many famous designer watch manufacturing brands emerged from different parts of Europe. However, Swiss watches are always regarded as the finest products to buy. Even those, which are made in other countries, will undoubtedly feature quality Swiss movements. Hence, Swiss designer watches have their own unique worldwide recognition.

From the legendary TAG Heuer to Baume and Mercier to Movado, Swiss watch brands have gained popularity throughout the world for their exceptionally well designed products. Tag Heuer is obviously the leading brand in this regard, as it is famous in the world for manufacturing sports chronographs and very stylish wristwatches. Several other little known brands are there. Victorinox, a name famed for inventing the legendary Swiss Army Knife and now well regarded as a watch maker, may surprise you with its stylish offerings.

Another popular brand for manufacturing designer watches is Patek Phillipe, which could just be the ultimate in luxury watch brand. The speciality of this manufacturer is its huge collections of products to feature for the buyers. From simple watches to stylish as well as unique timepieces, the company offers different watches that can suit personality of different men. Rare collections, from this manufacturer as well as from all other manufacturers, are always more expensive than the general collections of watches.

Buying Designer Watches

When it comes to buying luxurious watches, you need to be generous with your budget. Small budget will fetch you conventional products. If you are ready to expense more, you shall grab some rare collection products. The good thing is that branded designer watches are extremely durable, and they almost come with lifetime warranty for performance and materials. When you purchase a watch, it is good to check online stores, as often various online stores come with generous discounts to the top branded luxurious watches.

Which designer watch should you finalize? The design of the watch is highly elegant, but the strap in it appears to be de-escalating the elegance. The design is perfect and yet the color combination somewhat reduces its charm. Also, it is possible that the friend you going to gift this watch may not like it as he does not like the leather straps. Well, you may explore a great range of designer watches and still feel somehow dissatisfied. It is possible that the ones you liked are immensely costly and your purse does not permit you spend such high. Whatever is the issue; choosing the right designer watch is certainly a daunting task. However, it is not something a complex activity. You can bear the following things in mind and make the perfect selection of the designer watches:

  • Wearer: Who will wear it? If you are planning to gift it to your friend or someone; it would be wise to keep the choice of the receiver in mind. In terms of color, metal, brand, and almost everything; you need to see it through the eyes of the receiver. Knowing the receiver’s likings and disliking would be somewhat helpful in this case. And, if you are buying it for yourself, there is no problem at all. You know what you want. As per your choice and requirements you can explore and choose the best suitable designer watches.
  • Bracelets or straps: Most designer watches come with the option of bracelets or leather straps. The appearance does matter, but there is no point buying the bracelets if you are allergic towards the metals. You may certainly want to enhance the elegance of your personality and status, but it is worth buying something that is more or desirably comfortable. The leather straps may appear to be highly stunning, but it is not worth buying if you do not feel comfortable wearing them.
  • Brands and quality: Which are the most reputed brands? Sometimes, you may fall in love with the appearance of a lesser known brand. There is nothing wrong in buying it. But it is expected that you check its quality. The appearance without quality will not duly serve your purpose. It is advisable that you buy the designer watches from the reputed brands. You may have to spend a few pennies more, but you will surely feel rewarded rightly.
  • Online or offline shopping: Whether you desire to buy the designer watches online or from the brick & mortar stores depends upon your personal preference. There is no need to rely on to the store nearby if it has limited choices. The online stores tend to offer more choices and you can explore online at your own convenience and place order online. However, you should buy from the trusted online portals.

Beware of fake products: There is no dearth of counterfeit designer watches in the market. So, don’t get carried away by the unreasonably cheap prices. It is better to be careful and buy the products only after ensuring their authenticity.

Is it worth buying the expensive designer watches? Many of the people may get into confusion wondering about whether to buy the designer watches or the watches from some unknown or less known brands. Being an essential accessory, the popularity and use of watches has always remained evergreen. And, as far as the designer watches are concerned, their popularity appears to have increased more than ever before. There are plenty of brands available in the market and you can easily find the best of the brands of designer watches. In a way, buying designer watches is a kind of lifetime investment as they are highly durable and endure almost lifelong.

Purpose of wearing designer watches

Initially, the sole or the main purpose of wearing a watch was to know the time. However, with the passage of time, its purpose got extended. Today, apart from providing the time, it has become a symbol of status. It has become an integral part of a wearer’s personality. Yes, with the advent of the mobile phones, many of the people may have a look at their mobile phone when they desire to know the time. However, in no way can the mobile phone replace the watches. Spontaneously adding glamour and sophistication to the personality of the wearer, the watches duly define a person’s personality and status. And, it is one of the main reasons why the popularity of the designer watches has escalated immensely.

High quality materials used for designing the designer watches

The metals, plastics, glass, crystals, and all other things used in the manufacturing and designing of the designer watches are all high quality materials. At a time when the competition has intensified in every sphere of business, the designer watches with poor quality would not be able to survive. The manufacturers are very well aware of the fact that only the quality designer watches can keep them in the business, and it is the reason why the buyers of designer watches needn’t worry about the quality.

Designer watches add elegance to your personality

The watches from the unknown or less reputed brands may, for sure, give you the right time, but when it comes to rendering elegance to your personality; they would miserably fail. Moreover, you never know how long these watches will survive. Also, it is possible that your watch will look quite commonplace as there may be several people wearing the same or similar kind of watches. Maintaining uniqueness would almost prove to be impossible. However, with the designer watches, there is no such issue. The issues of quality, durability, elegance, lavishness, and uniqueness etc all get resolved with the designer watches. Yes, you may have to pay higher amounts, but there is no way one can expect to get the gold at the price of iron.

There are plenty of brands in designer watches. Be it for the men or women; one can find a huge array of choices in designer watches. Which brands of watches you choose is completely the matter of your personal preferences. However, it is wise to buy the watches from the reputed and trusted brands.

It is not a matter of today or yesterday, the designer watches have always received high acclaims for generations. The incomparable appeal exhibited by these watches has been remained always unquestionable. Many of the people may consider these watches as unnecessarily expensive. Some may even avoid buying them. However, what appears to be quite surprising is that despite being costly, the popularity of the designer watches has immensely escalated over the years. With every sliding second, the trend of these trendy watches appears to be getting strengthened. Why do people spend their hard earning on buying these highly expensive designer watches? Really speaking, there are various reasons why these sophisticated pieces are very much liked and admired by the people.

How designer watches can enhance your personality level?

Designed and crafted in a unique manner, the designer watches have all the potentials to enhance the glow of one’s personality in an effortless manner. Some of the finely crafted watches may appear to be refined and sober, and yet they suitably increase the radiance of one’s personality. Wearing the sophisticated designer watches automatically adds to the personality and status of the wearer. Be it the social event, corporate functions, or any other occasions; it fits into every gathering in an appropriate manner. It, in fact, proves to be so versatile that it can be worn anywhere and everywhere. Truly speaking, it instantly becomes the status symbol of the wearer.

No compromises with designer watches manufacturing

When it comes to quality, the designers or manufacturers make no compromises. Their business is entirely dependent upon their reputation, and they never do anything that maligns their reputation. And, it is one of the reasons why the designer watches never lack in quality. Being watches with supreme quality, they have all the potentials to make good and strong impression spontaneously in the right place and at right time.

Designer watches has its own unique appeal

At a time when the market is impregnated with a huge array of choices in different types of watches; the designer watches stand out amidst the crowd as they are unique in their designs. The manufacturers maintain the uniqueness of the designer watches by manufacturing a limited number. It is not that there is lack of designer watches in the market, but that the watches of same pattern, style, and design may not be in abundance. It is possible that you are the only person wearing a particular design of designer watch in a huge functions being attended by hundreds of people. So, automatically, you stand out even in a big crowd.

Designer watches - Lifetime investment

Buying designer watches is a lifelong investment. They are strong and durable. Each and every piece undergoes strict quality test. So, there is no question about its quality and durability. It may remain in a brand new condition for years or decades. They are designed and crafted to last a lifetime.

Despite the rapid technological changes, the designer watches have remained highly popular for generations. Though, it is a matter of personal choice, there are numerous reasons why people prefer buying the designer watches. However, it is advisable to buy from the reputed and trusted companies.

In case you are no longer interested in your old watch and looking forward to buy something unique and different, then go for designer watches. These are designed in a unique way, which makes them different from the regular watches. In fact, designer watches are perfect for all occasions and there is no need for you to buy different watches to fit with different clothes.

Designer watches beyond affordability

Many people think that these watches are expensive and beyond their affordability. Of course, there was a time when designer watches were preferred by people of rich and affluent classes. Those days are gone. You can now easily get these watches at exclusive deals and offers, which make it within your budget. Online shopping is the best way to come across these festive deals and offers.

Designer watches not for daily use

Some people do not like to buy designer watches because they think that those are not fit for regular uses. If you are also one among them, then hold on! These watches are no longer meant for party wear. You can come across designer watches that are designed for various purposes, like watches for professional attitude, sports person and so on. You can even get them according to your profession. For example, you are a military man, then go for the ones that are available in olive green color with military print on the strap.

If you are yet not satisfied with the reasons to buy these watches, then continue reading below. Hopefully, the benefits summarized below will certainly persuade to buy a designer watch for yourself.

ü  We all like to maintain a status and when it comes to car, foods and outfits we always love to shop for branded ones. So, why it is different for watches?

ü  If you want to look stylish and smart, then nothing can be better than designer watches. These are designed to add a touch of class and elegance to any kind of outfit. In fact, there is no need to even choose a shiny or attractive one; these watches are unique pieces in their own, making it a style statement for the wearer.

ü  These watches are highly durable and there is no need to change it again and again. With shock resistance capacity followed by waterproof and other features, these watches are perfect for rough uses.

The prices vary according to design and other features you want. You can check out for the buy one get one free offers available during occasions. With intense competition in the market you can now easily come across designer watches at affordable price tags, thus possible to end up buying more than one. Special design and limited edition stocks are available for exclusive party wear. You will get a user manual with the watch box at the time of purchase. Keep it with you, do not lose it. It will help you to know the various features of the watches as well as how to keep it protected for ensuring long shell life. The warranty card is also important.

For staying fashionable and impressive before others, good clothes are not just enough. Along with clothes, you need proper accessories to add attitude and hints of sophistication to your appearance. When it comes to fashion accessories, you certainly cannot ignore the importance of design wrist watches. A sophisticated and posh timepiece can add elegance to your appearance, making you to look smarter and more intelligent. Before you purchase designer watches, you need to know a few things about these watches. What makes designer watch special? Why is it better to buy designer watch than other wrist watches? Answers to these questions shall be discussed in the following section.

What Are Designer Watches?

Every watch manufacturing brand has its own unique set of collections for products. It comes with some regular wrist watch models, and a few limited collections. Limited collections are exquisitely designed to suit style and attitude of different men and women. Since the limited products feature exquisite as well as unique design as well as appearance, they often come with high price tags. The more you are willing to expense, the better product shall you get from the marketplace. For exclusive ranges of designer watches, you shall get various popular brands. Prices of watches vary from one brand to another. As per price, design, materials and other factors vary.

Occasion for Wearing Designer Watches

Designer watches are exquisitely designed timekeepers, and thus they are generally used for important occasions to be paired up with dresses. For example, if you have to attend a party, you can choose to look impressive as well as attention grabbing by wearing designer timepiece on your wrist. Bridal collections for luxurious watches are also there for the buyers. Clearly, these watches are suitable for bridal events. Many other designer watches can be found at the marketplace, suitable for different other occasions. To purchase them, you need visit the local stores or shopping malls or online shopping stores.

Benefits of Buying Designer Watch

A watch is often considered as highlighted part of your dressing. No matter what you wear, people would definitely give a stare on your wrist to check your timekeeper. To leave a better impression on people and to keep them drooling on your wrist, you can choose to purchase designer watch instead of regular wrist watches. Designer watches look unique, and they are exclusively designed to feature high fashion as well as elegance. You shall look more confident as well as charming before others when you wear a rare collection watch on your hand.

Budget for Designer Watches

There is no upper limit of budget for buying a designer watch. If you are searching for top branded products, minimum starting value would be around $200 to $300. As mentioned, there is no upper limit. If you can expense more, you shall definitely get more posh as well as precious timepiece which would serve you for lifetime. Many people opt for replica designer watch, as they get them in lower budget. To be honest, replica products do not have the same appeal of the original products. They often look cheap. So, make sure of buying authentic design watch from the top rated brands.

The tick of clock is echoing –dream of Spring is brushing the air with its full bloom. Women are showing off their amazing tans and fashion is waking from its long slumber – it’s time to get up and get the Devil going. Accessories will get special attention this year. Spring will bloom with fashion accessory collection which will hold the ladies captive into the clutches. The main accessory is the watch. Without right women's watches your fashion will not find its proper niche.


When you set out to buy the Spring watch, you would find how many pieces are there in the market. You would know what the options out there are. Buying watches has never been easy. The matter would become more difficult if you are on a budget. Yes, the unfortunate fact of budgeting can get into anyone’s nerve. To be frank women's watches are really expensive. However, there are always options when you put your will together and make a decision. So, what if the most powerful women of the world are wearing the million dollar watches? So, what if those watches are just some fragments of dreams? When you go exploring the portals that sell watches you would come across a millions options which will help you stick to the style statement.


The trick is to buy things that look expensive. From a distance these need to reflect money. Of course, you would not have to wear the cheap imitation of the masterpieces. You just have to be witty enough to make yourself appear expensive. So, how are you going to do it?


Hmm…writing about women's watches comes with one problem – options. Choices have its’ own way of complicating things. When you have nothing to choose from, you pick up whatever is available. But, when you have a collection which both endless and awe striking laid before you, the decision of picking one becomes the most difficult task. It is the same with writing for watches. Which one to write about is the question which every watch blogger ponder over.


Stick to metal when you are trying to look expensive. This is the best way of faking rich look. Remember whatever dazzles with splendor attract respect. Whether you are wearing a simple watch or a branded one will not make much difference from a distance. People will notice the shine, they would have to look at the brand name when they come closer. Silver is the best metallic color which will help you strike that fashion look. The best thing about silver color is –you can pair it up with any type of clothes. You can wear it anywhere and anytime. Even if you sweat a lot, it would not fade the color. This luxury golden does not offer. Therefore, buy watches with silver colored metal bands and dials.


Women's watches that look really expensive are the ones that come with white band and white dial. Just wrap one around your wrist and watch the difference your watch makes. The main problem however is to protect the watch from dust and dirt.


Women and watches, it’s a movement that has come a long distance. From being a necessary means to a fashion accessory, women’s watches have created sensations through different time zones. Through time the look and purpose both changed for women’s watches. Watches made from rare jades and diamonds and engraved details, have slipped its way into the couture culture. It’s been long since women's watches were something of a societal status. In the previous era when women used to wear watches, it showed their elegance and their social status. But in today’s mod culture having a piece of time on hand can act as a fashion statement. But these all goes well with the fashion lovers.


Men’s masculine watches are now favored by women


But in this male dominant society women are breaking the rules of stereotypes and are more inclining towards big chunky watches with broad straps. They are proving that in the land where gender is just a state of mind, nothing is labeled as ‘only men’. Their take on the huge pieces of time, is creating a deep dent on the surface on the fashion industry. Women are associated with all kind of professions, and their need to make a good impression comes with a beautiful piece of time on their hands. Women on the technological front favor more masculine watches than those sleek designs. But not only tech-girls, but regular women with a more feminine job are taking up the fashion of wearing big bold watches on their wrist.


Initially women have tried men’s masculine watches, which usually have larger dials and sits loosely on their wrist. The loose fitted watch was the benchmark to start a trend. The look inspired designers and thus big chunky masculine watches with a touch of femininity is trending the market. Gone are those days where women's watches were considered sleek and elegant with trimmed belt and small dials. But with the heavy demand to match up the men’s world women have given up the look and style that is well associated with women. They are now inclined on suits and masculine watches and other accessories.


The style range


Masculine women's watches come in various shapes and styles. For starters, big black watches with a touch of gold here and there are more favored. It goes well with any outfit and great watch to sport in the workplace. But the style range is unaccountable, the second most favored watch is a silver one with diamond studs on the quarter marks and broad heavy metal belts which sits loosely on the wrist is a quick to empty the shelf. Camouflage is another style that has rocked the women’s world with its launch; from clothing lines to shoes, camouflage have been everywhere and now it has created a strong bond with the watches. But men have laid their hands on it too. Every now and then you will spot women rocking the camouflage on her wrist. Women's watches have embarked on a highway journey, with different labels and brands it has gone a long way and is still thriving the world of fashion.

The history of watches for women


In the male dominant society finding the true link to the first ever women’s wrist watch is to some extent difficult. From the rights to vote and to get the fair share on the fashion equipments, women have struggled through all of it. So, a desire to have the perfect wrist watch for women was incumbent. Initially wrist watches were first meant for women, while men carry their watches in their pockets and women displayed it on their wrists. In the long line of history the actual wrist watch for women came into existence in the early 1800, which is a credit to Abraham Louis Breguet, who made the watch for the Queen of Naples. And later on in 1869 Patek Philippe, made a wristwatch for The Countess of Koscowicz of Hungary. Since then, women’s watches have been one of the most desired fashion items.


The elegant look of it


Legends have poured heart into their work of arts in creating a priceless piece of time. A women’s wrist watch is a very beautiful thing to behold. It gives an epiphany to a women’s appearance and makes one stand out. In the modern era of metals belts with diamond studded dials and laser cut hands of minutes and hours, women’s watches are becoming a replacement of the bracelets or any other expensive jewelry. After the age of chunk jewelries women have finally gave up the heavy and bold look of it. Now women are inclined to the more mystified look and the elegance of it. The less is more is the modern theme for creating a statement. With minimal jewelry and a priceless piece of time in hand women likes to keep it simple, which in returns amplifies their perfection.


From sleek designs to brocade details, designers have tried it all. They even added diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires and many more expensive gems in their artworks to make it more appealing to you. With authenticate leather belts and gold plated wrist chains, a watch can be as valuable as one your diamond ring. From intricate embroidery on the dial to rare rose-gold plating in the belt and dials, women’s watches are surely making a mark in the fashion industry.


For the modern you


Designers believe that a women’s look remains incomplete without a perfect piece of wrist watch, which compliments their appearance and gives an impression of elegance. As time rolled on the importance of having a watch on hand became crucial. In the superfast era of time and business, a wrist watch can act as a statement and make heads turn towards you. The working women of the modern time is demanding watches to be more elegant and sophisticated which goes well with the business persona of the modern women.


With hundreds of labels and thousands of models, women’s watches have created a history in the world of fashion. They are reaching out to people with only one agenda, to experience the new and improvised version of the watches, which was once the leading accessory for men.

Watch has always been considered to elevate the elegant look up to the next level. A smart timepiece can work like wonder in turning a boring look into a captivating look. Know how you can wear a watch in the most stylish way, so that you don’t need any other accessories to highlight the your style statement.

  1. Color combos – Be a little innovative, team up your boring just a women’s watches with colorful bracelets and see the captivating effect that it creates.  A stainless steel strap or a leather strap will complement the colorful pops.
  2. Bangles and the watch – Bring out your old steel bangles or your steel bracelets and wear it with your stainless steel watch to create a style statement.
  3. Accentuate with pearls – Pearl will forever remain a women’s favorite. Add a little more sophistication to your formal look by adorning your wrist with your watch and pearl bracelets.
  4. Two to tango – Party always requires a different look. If you are dead set on hitting the floor with all new look, try wearing two watches to change the entire effect.  Wear two different watches to exhibit an effortlessly charming look.
  5. A watch and a scarf – If you are in the experimental mood for your evening outing, try draping a scarf around your wrist with your watch. It can transform the look of even the most casual outfit.
  6. Simple and elegant – Keep it simple for your formal meeting by wearing just a stainless steel analog watch with a round dial.

Time has played a major role in turning thing around. Lot of people have opted for different devices to keep track of passing time. Even this evolution has not been able to suppress the need of a watch. Women’s watches will forever remain the best part of the accessory box of a fashionable lady. A watch holds the power to create an impact or to break an attitude.

Keeping in mind the taste of an urban woman, different companies have come up with different Women’s watches. For the casual evening look, choose a leather strap watch to go with your short dress. Add a classy touch to your denim and a normal shirt by beautifying your wrist with a watch featuring a trendy dial and a metal strap. Polish your informal look a little more by accentuating your wrist with a trendy digital watch. Setting trend will become an everyday habit.

Flaunt your attitude with style and sophistication. Even on the rainy days don’t let go of your sartorial charm. Wear a water resistant women’s watches with your outfit to complete the stunning look. Always remember to choose your watch very carefully, as it gives out a lot about the personality of the person who is wearing it around the wrist. Explore from a wide range of different color dial and straps.

Life has become even easier with the introduction of the online portal. Hunt for the best watch from the huge online collection sitting at the comfort of your home or office. Time will change and more devices will be introduced but no device will be able to beat the importance of a watch in women’s life ever.

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