About Us



It is not AIBI that attaches connotation to true love,

but true love calls the crystal birth of AIBI.

Brand Story

The story behind AIBI starts from a high-end jewelry and watch party, where the founder of AIBI met a gentle man who was wearing a simple style watch. Attracted by each other at first blush, they fell in love. To memory their love and mark that special day, the two heroes decided to create a watch brand, AIBI, "A "and" B "means the first man and woman since the born of human beings, and "I "stands for the intimate love between them.
Started by manufacturing watches for a Swiss watch brand in a small workshop, AIBI has gone through more than 10 years and become a successful watch maker. Till now, AIBI has developed her own design and manufacture team. Not only does she symbol love, but also stands for sincere friendship, cooperation, success and the beauty of life.
Our vision is when you feel happy anywhere and anytime, you are wearing a AIBI Watch. We always strive for perfection and all clients’ satisfaction.

Brand Connection

---Simple Letters, but True Love

“A” and “B” are the first two letters in the alphabet chart representing the first man and women at the start of human beings; “I” stands for intimate love, AIBI stands for the simplest and purest love among human beings, and it also contains the idea of bilateral understanding and caring for each other. Cherishing and loving each other forever is what AIBI wants to tell to all lovers around the world.
Time Passes by, but AIBI Continues
We know clearly that we have the responsibility to mark every important moment in life by watches. Life would be more beautiful with a AIBI watch. That philosophy are always stimulating us in making perfected  and durable watches.

Who will Fall in Love with AIBI

---14-45 Years Old Young People

Living in hustle and bustle of the large city of London, New York and Peking etc., we can only choose those we love. We know clearly that what we wear is a stand of our temperament as well as a will to dialogue with our soul.
No matter when you are in a state of vigorousness or maturity, or perfectionism, you can always find AIBI watches make you look so shinning and gorgeous among the crowd. We think highly of details that are the common taste for every people with a great love to life, and we believing that it help you to be different while choosing a unique wrist watch.